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Data scientist, economist, and sports enthusiast who empowers people and solves problems with data. He is on a mission to make the world a more data driven place. When not optimizing life with data, he is travelling the country or debating sports over beer.

Industrial and UX designer who believes data should be both insightful and beautiful. When not buried under post-it notes or tangled in wireframes, he is probably tinkering with a 3D printer or out wandering with a camera.

Team Alumni

Developer, data analyst, engineer, and hacker who absolutely enjoys coding applications and bringing concepts to reality. While not in front of the computer you can find him at the farmer’s market shopping and eating local hearty foods.

Data visualization researcher, front end developer, and designer who loves hands on learning. Susie majored in Industrial Engineering & Oil Painting. For enjoyment she hikes, reads fiction, searches for beautiful design, and relaxes with her boyfriend Nick and her dog Hugo.

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